• Your partner for art logistics!

    Your partner for art logistics!

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Our art storage facility is centrally located in Berlin at HERTLING’S own property. It is a high-security facility and has a constant climate-controlled environment. Due to our proximity to the most significant galleries, museums and institutions in Berlin we are able to undertake requests even at short notice.

We can take items into our store or relocate items that are already stored with us including of course any pick-up and delivery requirements.

The HERTLING ART LOGISTICS storage facility has generous proportions and is equipped with storage racks and shelving to ensure that artworks of any dimension can be stored individually in the most secure way.

We can provide suitable solutions for both short and long-term storage. In addition, as a further convenience, HERTLING ART LOGISTICS has its own customs bond store.

Because of our customs bond store we are in the position to store exhibition items that are under customs control both before and after an exhibition in a non-bureaucratic and flexible way.

We can also offer the option of storing the empty artworks transport containers for single exhibition items or for whole displays for the duration of an exhibition.

To round out the specialised services we are able to provide in regard to artworks storage, we can make a collection depot available if needed, undertake inventory control, storage management and make additional comprehensive insurance coverage available.


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